Frequently Asked Questions

What is autism?

The autism spectrum disorder describes a range of neurodevelopmental behavioral disorders, which interfere with aspects of daily living. People with autism tend to have difficulty with communication and social interactions. Individuals can display repetitive and sometimes disruptive behaviors. There is a wide variety of symptoms that individuals on the autism spectrum may demonstrate, as well as variable levels of functionality.

What is applied behavior analysis?

ABA is a scientifically proven intervention geared to making meaningful and practical changes in behavior. Behavior, along with its social and environmental factors are analyzed in order to devise a modification plan. ABA therapy is commonly utilized for individuals on the autism spectrum. It’s techniques increase useful behaviors, and reduce negative or other behaviors that can interfere with development. The practice is outcome based and can be used to teach basic skills and complex abilities.

Who will be providing ABA therapy for my child?

Therapy is provided by a team of experienced BCBA/LBAs and behavior technicians. Teams are created to best match the individual needs of your child and family.

I’m concerned my child may have autism. What should I do?

Schedule an appointment with a developmental pediatrician or psychologist. Once a diagnosis of autism is confirmed, call our office staff to schedule a detailed assessment of your child’s skills and deficits. Once this assessment is complete, we will create a therapy program that is individualized to your child’s needs.

How do I pay for services?

Aim Higher ABA therapy is covered by commercial health insurance and Medicaid. We participate in network with a variety of insurance companies. Please call our office to discuss insurance related questions.

What ages does Aim Higher treat?

Aim Higher treats individuals with autism up until age of 21. Early and intensive intervention is proven to be the most effective; as such we recommend early identification and treatment of a spectrum disorder.